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The future of laboratory services, validation and stat results medicine is here!

Rapid-Response Diagnostics is a first in class Laboratory software, medical device and programs company offering a suite of services to Laboratories and Medical Facilities. Our platforms offer maximum qualification in medical necessity and patient visit CPT validations.

What’s driving the powerful technology of the Rapid-Response Diagnostics suite of services?

Labs are able to provide the specialized intake process for qualifying Lab medical Necessity to an unlimited number of providers.

Providers get their own portals where they access the patient data for the laboratory ordering as well as opportunities to upgrade to Decision Doc

We are able to provide this data via RALS middleware to any LIS or if not using RALS we offer the API work to the lab as a part of the license.

Add a remote laboratory location through one of our qualified practices.

Extend your lab without an additional requirement for lab director or employee to pay. The practice provides the personnel to operate the extended lab equipment.

Receive location lab results virtually with reference lab clearance.

Offer same visit STAT laboratories, faster patient evaluations, better optics into patient E&M coding.

The exact “potential” disease states listed in ICD language that their intake subjective indicates.

Take walkins and greatly increase your patient count and same visit outcome with the help of our program.

Rapid Response Diagnostics: Empowering Providers, Extending Labs, and Elevating Patient Care

The Rapid Response Virtual Platform empowers ordering providers with intake tools, enhancing the qualification of medical necessity and maximizing access to laboratory data. Labs can streamline the specialized intake process for medical necessity qualification to an unlimited number of providers. The platform, available through RALS middleware or API, offers customizable portals for providers, facilitating laboratory ordering and providing opportunities to upgrade to DecisionDOC. This strategic approach not only increases the number of labs per patient but also fosters consistent ordering across the board, giving labs a competitive edge.

The Rapid Response Extendable Lab program offers an extension opportunity for labs connected to the Virtual Platform. Qualifying practices, with good patient traffic metrics, collaborate with lab partners to integrate lab equipment into their facilities using the Virtual Platform. Real-time results are returned to the lab, allowing for an extension of the CLIA license to that location. With no requirement for a lab director or dedicated employees, the practice operates the extended lab equipment. This program provides labs with an additional location for consistent ordering and offers practices the choice to work with a lab, allowing labs to handle billing while practices gain additional data and E&M coding.

Becoming a Rapid Response Medical Center goes beyond basic urgent care, offering significant improvements in patient outcomes. The Rapid-Response Virtual Platform and patient acquisition programs enhance the intake process, utilizing diagnostics to supercharge access to critical patient data through lab results and management. The Rapid-Response Diagnostic Platform, part of the software, cross-references symptoms and patient data with the CPT/ICD medical codex, providing medical necessity qualifications for 298+ labs. The platform facilitates easy lab ordering, returns data for evaluation, and integrates seamlessly with popular lab equipment for rapid clinical decision-making and same-day diagnostic results.